Renzo Masi Sangiovese di Toscana, 2004

The best casual table wine for Italian food. A bottle of 2004 Renzo Masi Sangiovese di Toscana presents you with near-Chianti quality at rock-bottom price. It features a smoky, earthy aroma followed by a supple, lean fruitiness on the palate, in turn balanced with the brisk acidity typical of Sangiovese. Light-bodied, and a quick finish. I have frequently detected some effervescence resulting from secondary fermentation in the bottle (also something I’ve found in cheaper Valpolicellas), but it only enhances the wine at this price. Tasty! Any pasta with red sauce, such as spaghetti or lasagna, would be nicely complemented by this wine. It is also simply the best pizza wine in existence. On a totally separate note, I would like to note that Trader Joe’s stocks some excellent Chiantis at this price point: $7 a bottle.

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