Monthly Archives: March 2011

Since I’ve been gone for a while now, I wanted to return to this blog with something different. Something flashy. Here, then, my adoring readers, is my announcement: as soon as possible, I will get serious about this forum. Soon, I will move from trashy to classy. From Omega to Alpha. From Shikai to Bankai. From ham to turkey… yes, ladies and gentlemen, from text to video. ASAP. Soon, you will be my adoring viewers. I will join the grand ranks of the blogcasters, keepers of streaming opinionated video, Real News, and made-up vocabulary.

But for now, a humble review of Jadis, a fine establishment in the Lower East Side. Service is prompt and friendly, and the lighting is proper – dim but not dark. Wood tones and brick, and they’ve used the space perfectly; you’ll never feel crowded no matter where you’re sitting. I especially like the back room area. One issue: the kitchen in the front is problematic, as it sometimes introduces a bit more noise and bustle than is probably appropriate for the setting most of us look for in a wine bar. However, this place is great overall, and low prices mean high value. They have a decent selection of reliably tasty wines, many by the glass or carafe, and their bottle list has the diversity you’d expect from a New York wine bar. I had two glasses of wine during my stay, and my tasting notes follow:

2009 Saint Urbans-Hof Riesling, Mosel –
Almost definitely a QbA, adorned with clean peach and slight lychee fruit aromas on the nose, not much else. Softer than I prefer, but well-balanced. Light body. A touch of mineral and a lingering finish for such a light body. Unassuming and pleasant. Nice on its own.

2009 “La Petite Perriere” Sauvignon Blanc, Loire –
Pale straw color, with the typical Loire nose: steely mineral, some grass, smoke, herbs, lemon zest. In the mouth it is zingy with acidity, showing more citrus fruit and some melon. But the oomph is not there. Lacks midpalate, and while light it does not quite dance. Still, good for the price no doubt. Quick finish. Paired damn well with crab cakes.

In short, if you’re in the area, stop by Jadis. I’m sure it will be worth your while. I found the food to be decent, the staff friendly, and the wine affordable while still decent in quality. And look for my crazy video wine blog… coming soon.