Daily Archives: 04/21/2011

Say you’re feeling like having a glass of red wine so earthy it makes you pick at your teeth for leaves. You want a wine with minerals. Today’s post is about a wine that walks up to you, punches your jaw, and says “Have you been outside lately?” If you’re not an outdoors kind of person, don’t touch this beverage. You will feel strangely ashamed of yourself.

This wine hails from Troia, a village in Puglia, Italy, which is normally known for producing Primitivo wines. Made entirely from grapes of the same name, Troia, it exists to remind us that it’s good to go off the beaten path, with wine or otherwise. The producer, Cantina Diomede, takes its name from the Greek hero Diomedes who, according to legend, destroyed Troy in the Trojan War. An emphasis on reviving local oenological traditions is definitely reflected in the wines that make it here to the United States. On the company site, Diomede describes their wines as “megaphones of traditions.” Tasting their Troia, I would agree with this statement, and in fact strongly encourage wineries everywhere to employ similarly awesome metaphors.

So what do we get when we drink of the earth? We get some good dirty wine. Ruby red in the glass, with aromas of loam, almonds, dried leaves, violets, and some nice fresh berry notes. Definitely some oak showing here too; this makes sense, since the wine gets aged six or more months in French barrels before release. Great, round, mouthfilling stuff, with an attractive mineral component, an acidic edge to round out that lush fruit, and rustic tannins. Medium finish, lingers on that earthy quality. A fine bottle to pair with pot roast, mashed potatoes and sautéed broccoli rabe. Especially for $12. Now there’s a price for people of the earth, if I do say so. And I do.