Cheverny Clos du Tue-Boeuf, 2009

Been hard at work developing the first polished video review. Making film is thirsty work. And even in hot weather, I like my reds. So what sumptuous wine did I sip on while figuring out how to use Corel?

Something French, of course. It’s summer, so without food I tend to avoid the big boys: Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Monastrell etc.; instead I tend towards lighter, fruity reds I can chill a little. Still, sometimes it’s good to have a little structure to go along with the bounce, and this bottle provided exactly the right balance for the occasion.

The 2009 Cheverny Clos du Tue-Boeuf is made entirely from the Gamay grape, of Beaujolais fame, but this is from Cheverny in the Loire. With its cool climate and ideal growing season for this ancient varietal, the Loire produces many highly regarded wines made exclusively from Gamay. I love them in summer because they tend towards lip-smacking acidity, bright fruitiness and are light in weight. Gamay from the Loire makes a perfect companion for picnics and picnic foods. In this case,  I sipped a glass in my apartment while going through photos.

First impression was of bright red in the glass, with aromas of dusty cherry and some floral notes. A nice sour quality too. Bright and snappy in the mouth, but with a silky texture and great fruit. Just impeccably balanced, really fine in all its parts. Quenching, medium finish. An amazing value in top-notch Gamay for $13 a bottle.

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  1. Greg Hunt said:

    France rules! That is all I have to add. I will try this sometime perhaps. Perhaps not. There’s just so many wines out there.

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