Scala Dei “Negre” Priorat, 2009

After  the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, with many friends without power or heat for days on end, I want to take this opportunity to write about one of my comfort wines. This is a wine meant for grilled meats, eliciting memories of warm weather, summer barbecues with friends and family. However, it is also perfect for rainy days, snowy days… any situation where you need a hearty food wine. Also good for celebrating elections, provided you’re down with the outcome.

Priorat. A lush, juicy package done up in red. Very popular now, unabashedly liberal in its flavor profile, with generous dark fruit and supremely supple tannins. What better way to hunker down and brace for the coming winter?

So for this admittedly brief post, I give you the 2009 Scala Dei “Negre” Priorat. Scala Dei means “Ladder of God.” I will say, you’d probably need to exceed this price point for their wines to impress at that level, but this is one tasty red. In the glass, it displays a lovely violet color, and my first impression was of aromas of peppery spice and juicy black cherry and strawberry fruit. Round and luscious in the mouth, with great tannins, very soft, fruit-forward but moderated by earth and mineral notes. Medium finish. Great for pot roast, or lamb burgers. $14.


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