I’m a dedicated deal-hunter in the world of wine, with previous experience in high-end wine retail. Bottles I recommend will not generally exceed $30; while I do pay homage to the great noble grapes of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont and elsewhere, this forum emphasizes value above all else. Regardless of grape, region, or vintage, my goal is to bring good wine to your table at surprising prices.

Maybe you’re looking to hold a private tasting, and you need the exact right wines to impress. Maybe you’ve been invited to a party, or you’re going on a date, and you want to be confident that you’ve picked a winner. Maybe you’re looking to buy some bottles that will take your budding collection to the next level. Whatever wine you’re looking for, I am happy to help you find it. My rates are competitive; this is about value, after all!

Also available to host wine talks, run private events, or join panel discussions.

For all inquiries please email me at: grapeaidewine@gmail.com.

  1. Mary said:

    Can you recommend you any good vinyard tours in September or October? Ideally within driving distance.

    • Hi Mary!

      Whether you have access to a car or want to take a train, you can always go to the Northfork wineries and vineyards in LI. Here’s a link, along with the sites I think would be best:


      Wineries of choice:

      – Castello di Borghese
      – Paumanok Vineyards (best grape: Chenin Blanc)
      – Pellegrini Vineyards
      – Lenz Winery (best grape: Chardonnay)
      – Duck Walk Vineyards (best product: blueberry port)

      Alternatively, you could always go for the Hamptons and do Channing Daughters – there’s nothing else like them:


  2. Jan Ostop said:

    I am asking permission to use one of your photos in a new cookbook which is due out before Christmas through Strategic Publishing Company from Houston, TX. I am a great cook and a great researcher, but photographer I am not! Each recipe has been researched to include only five ingredients with a matched beverage pairing. Your beautiful photograph would be given credit directly next to it and also in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. The photograph I would love to use is depicting Gruner Veltliner Wine . I am not asking to use your recipe, only the photograph. This is my first cookbook and I so appreciate your consideration. Thank you very much. Respectfully, Jan. JO49492@msn.com

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