What’s better than a normal bottle of wine? Yep, a big bottle of wine. Today’s brief review brings us an Austrian red that brings 1 liter of delicious to the table. And like the wine itself, this post is low on depth but extremely dense in fun. Biodynamically made by Gerhard Pittnauer in the Burgenland region of Austria, this wine is a blend of the grape varietals Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, and St. Laurent.

Austrian reds tend to be lighter in style, and this is no exception. Very fruity, but dry, not sweet. Brick red in the glass. Nice dark fruit too, like plum and juicy cherry, with a good earthy note and a distinct umami that complements the fruit, like a slab of smoked bacon, but then this dissipates fast into subtle mineral. On the whole, the 2009 Burgenländer Rot is a light-bodied wine, nothing to take too seriously, but it offers some taut acidity to stay bright, and finishes well enough.

Don’t decant this; I think it gains more from being poured straight into the glass. Pair with pork chops, mashed potatoes steamed vegetables to highlight this wine. $13 for the whole liter. Once again, that’s 1L. Go for it.