For the new few months, we’re living in precious balance between warmth and chill weather. We’re starting to wake up. And we want to celebrate this new energy with the best bubbly we can find. Those of us like me, anyway.

Mia provides an extremely affordable means to this end. Their NV Prosecco, produced in the Valdobbiadene appellation within the Veneto region, is a delightful foray into springtime spritz. For those of you who need to know (and that’s everyone), Prosecco is the name for the wine and the grape from which it is made. Pretty much the standard in Italian bubbly. This showing is good for parties as an aperitif; nothing too complicated going on here. The nose shows lively citrus and peach notes, and it follows with a light body, fine mousse and a good bead.

Don’t bother pairing this with anything. Just buy a case and invite your friends. Celebrate the changing weather. Crisp, fun. $7.